About ME

ME: I am a 32 year-old female living in Nashville, TN, originally from Chicago.  At this point, it is pretty hard to overlook the fact that I am very overweight.  Some of the weight gain was out of my control (chronic pain issues) but most of the gain resulted directly from a combination of poor choices and bouts of depression and anxiety that led to complacency.  I’ve been so complacent that now I am heavier and more out of shape than I have ever been.  Well, complacent no more.

There are four prongs to my approach to losing weight: nutrition, yoga, meditation and movement.  Briefly, here are my thoughts on each:

Nutrition: I currently avoid gluten and dairy because they do not agree with me.  Dairy triggers my migraines and gluten does funny things to my digestion (though no, I do not have celiac).  I’m also working on breaking the sugar addiction, but that is an ongoing struggle.

Yoga/Meditation: I try to make each of these a part of my every day life.  They both bring me much more into touch with my body and aware of what’s going on inside of me.  That kind of self-awareness helps me to make better choices about pretty much everything.  Also, both are key in reducing my anxiety.

Movement: I know that diet is somewhere between 80-95% of what matters with weight loss, but this isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about being healthy.  And I don’t feel healthy when I’m so out of shape.  I used to be a runner and I want to be able to be a runner again.  I currently wear a Fitbit to make sure that I get at least 5000 steps every day, with 10,000 being the goal.



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