Daily Update: 4-3-14

Little late in getting this posted.  I originally went to bed at 8 PM in an attempt to kick this migraine to the curb for good.  And I slept well for about 4 hours, but now I’m wide awake, so I figured I’d take care of unfinished business from last night.  Hopefully, once I’m done with this (and the next post, which will be far more interesting I hope), I’ll be able to fall back to sleep.

Anyway, aside from the lingering migraine, today was a good day.  I started out my day with a 2.5 mile brisk walk along one of the nearby greenways, marveling in the sights of spring.  Today’s Instagram happy picture was all about those signs of spring:

Spring is coming in Nashville!

Spring is coming in Nashville!

I walked over 15,000 steps today, which made me feel really good.  I enjoy bookending the workday with running/walking or walking/walking – it really helps with the separation of work and home (especially since I work at home).  Plus, I get more enthusiastic and motivated by my numbers as the day goes by.

I also ate pretty well today (after spilling an entire pitcher of green smoothie all over the kitchen, thus making a HUGE mess and wasting tomorrow’s lunch, but oh well).  Only real downfall came when P brought home a package of cookies that I just couldn’t resist.  But I only had 2, so I consider that a win (if it were my package, I would’ve eaten all 20 something in one sitting).

Back to try for more sleep.  Less than 5 hours until the alarm rings to get me out of bed and to the gym.


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