Daily Update: 4-2-14

Despite waking up with a migraine and struggling with it to some degree all day (thankfully, it wasn’t too bad or intense, it’s mostly just that I couldn’t get rid of it), today was a pretty good day.  I’ve gone over 15,000 steps.  I ran 2 miles this morning (I intended to go for longer, but my head and stomach were not cooperating).  Of course that was before I determined that the headache was a migraine – sometimes in the morning I can’t tell right away.  I don’t think that the running made it worse though.  I also went for a long walk after work – just to get away from the screens.  While I was walking I listened to an episode of Ask Me Another, NPR’s puzzle show.  I think it’s my new favorite show on NPR.  (That was my “happy” today).

I didn’t follow my meal plan precisely, but since I swapped in freshly prepared vegetables for soup out of the freezer, I think it was a good deviation.

Off to bed early to hopefully kick whatever is left of this migraine to the curb.


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