Some Quick Thoughts

Sorry I haven’t been around much – it’s been a weird week. I keep meaning to post, but then life gets in the way. Funny how that happens. Anyway, a few things that have been on my mind.

It’s been about 2 and a half months since I overhauled my diet and started on my no gluten, no dairy, no sugar plan. I’ve lost some weight, but not as much as I’d hoped by this point, so I need to re-focus here.  Part of the problem is that I really haven’t had a lot of success with the no added sugar part of the plan (more on that later). With the other two, while I find that living gluten free is definitely the least convenient, I miss eating dairy a lot more. Just the flavor that a little bit of cheese can add. I hope at some point to go back to eating goat’s milk cheese at least, but for now, I’m holding strong on this one because I know that it’s too easy for me to go overboard with the dairy.

Which really loops right back in to the giving up sugar. It’s HARD. I have really struggled. Part of the problem is that I can’t just eat a piece of high quality dark chocolate and be satisfied. No, I eat a (small) bag of jellybeans and then I want more jellybeans after my next meal, or I’m mad at myself and eat even more jellybeans right then. Obviously the solution is to not buy the jellybeans, but that is so much easier said than done. And living with someone who eats quite a bit of sugar doesn’t help (there’s no sabotage, but having a partner in this effort who actually understood and was also dealing with the what, why and daily struggle would certainly be helpful).  Successful days (the days I actually avoid added sugars) require so much mental effort – I find that I’m thinking about it all the time in order to make conscious choices to avoid sugar. And I know that if I can do this for a certain period of time (opinions vary), that it will get easier. I will stop craving it. But I can’t seem to figure out what that period of time is – I’ve never gotten there. And if I’ve gotten close, I’ve screwed it up by eating sugar and basically re-setting the countdown. It’s very frustrating. I’ve done it before, but I was using artificial sweeteners then and eating dairy. Cutting out the artificial sweeteners and the dairy has made it much harder. The strangest thing about it, to me at least, is that I’ve never had a major sweet tooth. My cravings have always tended towards salty and fatty. But I guess that’s changed and it’s been a struggle to learn how to deal with it. I’m making progress, but every day is a challenge.

Final thought for the morning: I’ve also changed up my exercise routine this week. I’m doing double workouts most days – a strength training DVD 5 days/week and also running/walking/biking. I currently run 3 days/week and, except for on my one rest day a week, I try to get over 10,000 steps on my non-running days (ideally 15,000 but that takes a lot of time and sometimes my body just really isn’t up to it). I’m trying to listen to my body and take cues on what is actually too much as opposed to just being challenging. That itself is a major challenge and one that I hope to write more about in the next few weeks.

Have a great weekend and I’ll try to post again soon!


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