Go Read This

Steve Kamb, aka the “Nerd” behind Nerd Fitness is a very smart dude.  I highly recommend his site.  Even more, I recommend reading today’s blog post.  Because this (quoted from the post) just totally resonated with me and I needed to share it immediately:

If you are looking to be healthy and stay healthy, I gotta tell ya: there’s no “after,” only a “during.”  You don’t get to be “done.”  And having the “are we there yet?” attitude is going to set you up for failure.”

That is why I am on this journey.  That is why I started this blog and why I keep writing.  And still, I need that reminder every single day to keep me going.  To keep me from giving up when I don’t see instant results, or to keep me moving through a bad day.

Life is a journey, not a destination. 


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