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Having A Judgmental Doctor Can Make It Harder to Lose Weight

Just saw this article and wanted to share it, because it’s so true.  I’ve experienced it more than once.  While of course doctors need to address patients’ health issues, which may include weight issues, judgement, particularly involvement of a patient’s character, should play no role.  I have had judgmental doctors who have made dealing with a myriad of health issues (including, but not limited to, weight loss) far more complicated than necessary.  By taking a health issue out of the “neutral” zone and turning it into a judgment on a patient’s character, fitness, willpower or anything else, a doctor or other health care practitioner is completely sabotaging that patient’s potential to succeed in overcoming whatever his or her issue might be.

Have you dealt with judgmental doctors?  How did it impact your ultimate success in handling a health care issue?


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