Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Some days, I think I’d like to live in a bubble where everything is easy and nothing is scary, dangerous or risky.  No chance of failure.  But life would be pretty boring that way and, no matter how much I might want it, there’s no chance of life working that way.  Therefore, it’s really important to be able to step outside of your comfort zone.  Do something that feels risky, that is risky.  Maybe this means going to a new class at the gym.  Going to an event where you don’t know anyone.  Building something.  Whatever is a bit scary for you.  Taking these risks in any area of your life can help build confidence and push you towards your goals in other areas.

I’m still sick, so no risks that involve physical activity (unless you count last night’s cooking a risk, but I don’t think it was – I was no more worried about giving us food poisoning than any other time I cook.  I did, however, install new RAM on my almost-4 year old MacBook today.  And that was scary.  I don’t do things inside of my computer.  Even though the computer has been painfully slow and crashing frequently, I was terrified to open it up and replace the RAM (increased from 2G to 4G) because what if I did something wrong and then broke my computer?  What would I do?  Can’t really afford a new one right now.  But I went out of my comfort zone, installed it, and guess what – it worked!  And now I’m feeling pretty good about myself.  So good that I made a healthy snack decision instead of grabbing a piece of candy that I walked by on my way to the kitchen.

Every little decision, every little risk has ripple effects that we cannot begin to imagine until we actually do it.  What have you been afraid to do?  Do it today!


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