Valentine’s Day Dinner 2014

So, I’m still sick.  And that does not make me happy.  It also does not make me want to spend hours chopping vegetables or doing other careful, detailed food preparation.  But, it’s still Valentine’s Day and I wanted to make something special for dinner.

I often express my love and affection with food.  If I cook for you, I probably like you.  A lot.  When I was younger, this meant that I would whip up an easy batch of brownies (and, for the slightly less special people or occasions, funfetti cake from a box).  These days, the more complex the recipe is/expensive the ingredients are, the more I like you (so I still make delightful, simple brownies, but they don’t say “love” to me in the same way that a more complicated dessert might).  This is probably not a healthy reflection/manifestation of my relationship with food, but oh well.  I do now try to make healthy (and also delicious) dishes for my loved ones.  Also, I’ve learned over the years that spending money on high quality ingredients can make a huge difference in flavor.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is (or should be) all about showing the people in your life how much you love them.  So cooking a nice dinner for P and myself is really important to me.  But I feel like crap, which complicates things.  Also, I want to keep it reasonably within my eating plan – no gluten, no dairy, and only a little sugar.  The whole no dairy part has been especially difficult in finding something to make today – so many recipes rely on cream and cheese to add richness and depth.  But after much searching, I found inspiration on one of my favorite food websites (The Kitchn) and this is the result:

Valentine's Dinner

Valentine’s Dinner

A touch of brown sugar, maple syrup and bourbon make it not quite diet friendly, but not too off-track.  And definitely delicious.  The recipes:

Chili-Rubbed Ribeye Steak with maple bourbon butter
Hasselback Potatoes (also with the maple bourbon butter)
Steamed kale with lemon and garlic (not really a recipe for this one but I’ll hopefully do a post on cooking greens soon)

Hope that you have had a wonderful day with your loved ones.  Do you show your love with food?  What kind?


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