Links for Your Reading Enjoyment

I’m sick.  Flu, bad cold, who knows.  Point is, I haven’t really felt like writing much, or doing anything in the kitchen.  I made it to the gym yesterday, but I won’t today.   Today, I’ll be pleased if I get out of the house for a short walk (because of course the one day that I don’t even feel up to that, it’s finally sunny and above freezing).

I have, however, been doing a lot of reading on the interwebz.  So I thought I’d share a selection of my recent readings that I thought might be of interest.  Enjoy!

How To Start Exercising When You’re Already Overweight – very interesting article.  Also, does anyone use Fitocracy?  I’d love to hear about your experiences!

20 Songs for Dancing In the Kitchen – thought this was fitting given my post on music as motivation earlier this week.

13 Things Not To Say To Someone With A Migraine – I often find these kinds of lists a little patronizing, but as someone who suffers severe migraines and has a lot of well-intentioned people giving me unsolicited advice, I actually really liked this article.

And this is a cute video of a penguin – need I say more?

Hopefully I’ll be back to myself tomorrow and blogging about Valentine’s Day and the dinner that I hope to make (because if I’m still sick, we’ll be eating carryout and that’s a little depressing).


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