When You Can’t Fake It

Sometimes the “fake it until you feel it” approach that I wrote about yesterday just doesn’t work, especially if all you want to do is stay in your warm, comfortable bed, because in order to even start to “fake it” you (usually) have to get out of bed.  And I certainly have days where that’s the hardest step to take.  So what to do when you are so NOT feeling it that you can’t even start to fake it?

One thing that often works for me is to put on a good playlist and let the music take me there.  I have headphones (and my iPhone) on or near me pretty much all the time, so there are no excuses for me to not do this (except for a migraine, but that’s a different issue and a different post).

I find it helpful to have a lot of pre-made playlists on my phone of music that will pump me up or pull me out of any bad mood.  That way I don’t risk a super sad or sleepy song de-railing my attempt to energize.  Also, because some days require different music than others.   Sometimes “Sing Along,” featuring a lot of Disney, Broadway and camp-ish songs is what I need – singing along with songs from a long time ago gets me out of my head enough to get me out of bed.  Some days it’s “Yes, I’m a Dork” or “Pep Me Up!.”  Other days it takes my “Personal Dance Party” playlist, comprised of songs that I can’t listen to without a little booty shaking. Songs that make me get out of bed and dance around the apartment without even thinking about it.

It’s not really about what I listen to, but rather the feelings that certain songs can inspire.  And it might take more than one song to get there.  But regardless of my mood, there is almost always some song or playlist that can pull me out of that funk enough to take that first step towards feeling it again.  And, bonus, sometimes the music is all it takes to make me “feel it.”

Funny (at least to me) aside – I’ve got iTunes on random shuffle right now while I’m typing this post, and Sister Hazel’s “Feel It” just came on.  I think it’s a sign.  Or an amusing coincidence.  Either way, it made me smile.

Do you use music to get yourself out of your own head or to get yourself moving?  What music works for you?  What do you call your playlists?


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