Tuesday Tip: Wear Pants

*About this series: check in on Tuesdays for little tips and tidbits that I’ve gathered along the way to health

Today’s tip: wear pants.  You’re probably thinking “um, don’t I wear pants every day” (at least I hope you are) and you probably (I hope) do.  So do I.  But there’s pants and then there’s pants.  Let’s be honest – I’d be perfectly happy to wear workout/yoga pants every single day.  And most days, I could totally do that.  I work from home and don’t need to put on “real” clothes most days.  But I should and (now) I do.  Sometimes the scale doesn’t give us a very complete picture of our weight.  But real pants, the kind that zip or button (basically, the kind that do not have elastic waists), they don’t lie (well, unless you shrunk them in the wash, but that’s a different issue).  Basically, wearing real pants is a really good way to keep yourself in check, regardless of what the scale may say.  If your pants are feeling tight, maybe you need to kick it up at the gym or re-examine your diet.  And if your pants are too loose, or if you can move another notch on your belt buckle, that’s cause for celebration, even when the scale doesn’t move.

Gym pants, yoga pants… they’re comfortable and they’re great for working out and I’m not going to stop wearing them.  But they aren’t as honest as your jeans.  So go on, put on your real pants and keep yourself in check.  Your comfy pants will be waiting for your tonight 🙂


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